Monday, 2 May 2011

Stopping Foreclosure Lawfully and Quickly

Postponing foreclosure, many beliegured homeowners may think, is something that cannot be accomplished, when time is running out, and they have little cash or leverage power to appease banks and lenders. Many homeowners presume that once their home is in foreclosure, there is not much they can do to prevent the bank from taking and selling it, short of a miracle. And because of that opinion, thousands of homeowners needlessly lose their homes regularly in cities all across America.

You and I recognize the truth. Regardless of what the national news paper says, the current economic situation is not getting better as time goes on for the average American. And in these burdensome times, the multitude of programs that were aimed and intended to help homeowners struggling to keep their homes have either been completely slighted by the banks, or have been put into use very infrequently by the institutions that were supposed to be using them.

It has been estimated that out of the 4 million homeowners the federal government’s HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) was supposed to assist, less than 435,000 homes actually received a permanent change to their mortgage.

Many homeowners that applied found themselves in a myriad of paperwork, many having to inquire and reapply over and over again, and hearing nothing before they were officially put into foreclosure by their lenders.

Many critics have stated that the HAMP program has actually been exploited by service lenders, such as Bank of American, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. Such suggestions prompted an internal investigation from BofA in regards to the way the HAMP applications were being handled internally.Many people don’t believe that the banks wouldn’t help them stay in their homes, especially with government backing.

According to a report written by the National Consumer Law Center, the institutions that services the mortgages in foreclosure do not lose money when a foreclosure occurs, but in fact, make money, giving these servicers more incentive to allow a foreclosure, rather than working out a home modification.

So what can a homeowner who wants to keep his home do when the banks aren’t wiling or aren’t inclined to help him or her stay in their home?

In short, you can take the bank to court. Hiring legal help may seem out of reach of many, especially when it comes to real estate law. But there are things that experienced counsel can do to help the homeowner that may be facing a situation. You can contact us to find out more.

Without proper understanding, for many trying to put the legal pieces together to protect their home, real estate law is extremely expensive, and because of that, is usually out of reach to the typical homeowner.

In fact, in many cases, people choose a bankruptcy over hiring a real estate lawyer because a bankruptcy lawyer is less expensive than a real estate attorney.

If you’ve going through a foreclosure, or if you have a pending trustee sale, there are options besides losing your home outright or filing a bankruptcy. You can force renegotiation with your lender through the law. In most cases, a proposed trustee sale can be postponed while negotiations with your lender continue. In many cases, you can seek and get a reduction in your principal and loan rate, no matter when you are in your foreclosure.

If you want to stay in your home, and the banks aren’t talking to you anymore, it’s time to consider taking legal action. This is a legal crisis, and it needs to be dealt with legally, by legal counsel that know the ins and outs of the law, and know how to take the banks and servicers head on– and win.

I encourage you not to give up. There are options no matter what others may tell you, or what you may think. Even if your trustee sale is tomorrow, it’s not too late to act.

Don’t let the banks take your home. You have a legal recourse to fight the banks in a number of ways. Fight back and win!

Stopping foreclosure in its tracks! Are you in a foreclosure and at risk of losing your home? Have you had a loan modification denied or “lost?” Have you had your loan bought by another lender? Are you facing foreclosure because of fees and late payments? Do you want to stay in your home? We can help you. Fight back and stay in your home. Don’t accept foreclosure. Visit us and learn more about our various home saver programs.


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