Monday, 2 May 2011

Makati Apartments for Rent: Top Four Things Landlords Will Not Tell You

Makati apartments for rent are some of the top properties in the country. The city boasts of properties built with ability and taste. The best entrepreneurs, political figures, along with other personalities within this nation refer to this urban center their home. In addition, huge banking companies, call centers, as well as other companies are housed in some office space for rent in Makati.

Problems, on the other hand, still remain regardless of whether a renter leased a Makati house, office space, or condominium. Far more complaints come from residential areas, though, than from renters of office space for rent in Makati. Here are a few of the things landlords and property managers will not explain to possible tenants.

1. The roof of the property is dripping or air conditioning in the condominium is just not operating.

If a property is sitting empty out there for too much time, then there is a great likelihood there will be something completely wrong with it. The place or condo unit may look good in photos, but future tenants must first look into the site in person. This way, they are able to see if the rooftop is dripping and if the ac unit is functioning. Home troubles are not limited to these, however, as some homes have flawed wirings, water flow problems, and poor maintenance.

2. The price the renter needs to pay is too expensive.

While it is true that the nation has a Rent Control Law, implementation is weak and the regulation is occasionally circumvented for the owner. Those who would like to lease these properties can seek advice from their attorneys and other property authorities for them to determine if the cost is just right.

3. The potential neighbors are noisy.

Functions held from 11 PM until the early hours of the early morning is often infuriating, especially if the neighbors have cranked up the volume enough to keep the tenant awake all night. If it is the situation, then the renter must speak with the neighbor and politely ask them to keep from creating loud noises when other people are sleeping. If this does not work, he then can consult the landlord (or in even worse instances, community officials or law enforcement) to mediate between them and determine an alternative.

4. Another person claims to be the owner of the home plus they sued the other person in court over it.

To be evicted because of a dispute in between two parties who claim to be the owners of the single property is merely one of the worst things that could happen to a tenant. Quarrels in some cases stem between siblings or any other loved ones who both claim the property as their inheritance. This might also occur if a husband and wife recently parted ways and both sides claim to be the rightful owner. Property owners might also withhold home foreclosure information from the tenant.

Before signing a lease, tenants who want to occupy houses or Makati apartments for rent ought to know their legal rights and should not believe just about every word that comes out from the mouth of the property owner. They must personally examine the Makati house or apartment before they sign the lease agreement.

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