Monday, 2 May 2011

How To Use Butt Plugs

Some people love the feeling of being completely full while having sex. This article will show you how to use butt plugs and how butt plugs can be erotic and enhance your sexual experience. If anal penetration  is a scary thought, a butt plug can be a good training tool to learn to accept and enjoy it. Follow these steps to learn how to use butt plugs.

How To Use Butt Plugs – Things You’ll Need:

Comfortable Butt Plug and Lubricant

Step 1

Get the right fit. If you’re petite, don’t try a king size butt plug for your first go around. The same with complicated butt plugs that reach too deep. Start with something you can handle more easily.

Step 2

Lube up the area first. Before trying to insert the anal plug, make sure there is plenty of lubrication inside and out.

Step 3

Get yourself excited before inserting the butt plug. Or your partner can do it. The point is, your body will accept the butt plug much easier if the recipient is aroused.

Step 4

Insert the plug by gently applying pressure. The worst thing you can do is to force the butt plug in. Gently play with the area, applying pressure slowly.

Step 5

Relax! The more you tense up, the more difficult it will be. Take deep breaths and relax your muscles before inserting all the way. Once you are relaxed insert the butt plug the rest of the way in.

Step 6

Accustom yourself to the butt plug. Your partner may want you to use the butt plug on a regular basis for anal training. The plug comes with a base to prevent it entering into your body. Move and walk around and get used to the butt plug.

Step 7

Remove the butt plug. Sometimes this is harder than putting it in. Relax and let your body work with the butt plug when removing it. Make sure you use lots of lube to make it easier.

Hopefully these steps have showed you how to safely use butt plugs to enhance your sexual experience. Make sure you take your time and always have fun while you explore your sexuality.

Love Expert Calvin Gipson is a Romance Consultant and Sexpert. He has also co-authored books full of ways to spice up your relationship and lovemaking by adding more passion, pleasure and intimacy to your experience.


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