Monday, 2 May 2011

Cool Care Holders Are Unique & Safe

Have you ever wondered if you left a curling iron on? Or had a toddler  walk by and been concerned if the hair dryer is still hot? COOLCARE holders are a stainless steel product designed to hold your curling iron, flat iron or hair dryer so that no one can burn themselves.

There’s a variety of things that can happen with high heat products such as curling and flat irons. They operate with a high heat. The most common burn is due to product related thermal burns. There’s a product that’s now available on the market that allows for these products to be inserted into and keeps them safe. Safe from burning yourself. And, safe from possible fires.

Burns and fires happen every day because of curling irons and dryers. All because someone left them unattended on the bathroom counter and went to work with them still plugged in. The COOLCARE holders are stylish and practical.

There are models that are countertop and wall-mounted, where the product can be slid into and held. The holder is made of stainless steel, and so no one can burn themselves and should you leave it on, it’s safe from any fire danger.

The COOLCARE holders are stylish. The stainless steel design makes them a great added accessory for bathrooms, hotels, beauty salons and hospitals. It’s versatile and safe – a great combo. The holder is a high quality material that will add jazz to any bathroom while it’s keeping everyone (and your home) safe.

People who have purchased the COOLCARE holders have been nothing but pleased. Some added bonus features of the COOLCARE holders are that the holder protects the countertops from iron marks. They also are sturdy – the countertop model won’t tip, regardless of how heavy your curler or dryer may be.

Buying a COOLCARE holder will give you peace of mind as you leave for the day and go to sleep every night. There are no more worries of whether you could have a fire in your house because of the carelessness of leaving a curling iron on during a hectic morning. There are also no worries about having you or anyone else burning themselves on a hot product. This means no trips to the hospital for burn treatments. A safe product that is also a nice looking addition to the bathroom is a win-win for every consumer in America that uses curling irons and hair dryers.


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